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JOSHUA GIRAFFE was born in a
He lived there too.
At two years and a half he
discovered he could fly
And he soared into the sky...

Based on the song by Patrick Godfrey and Dennis Pendrith and made famous by Raffi on his million-selling album Baby Beluga, Joshua Giraffe picks up where the song leaves off as an innovative 26 x 15-minute preschool television series which will delight the whole family with its unique look, beautiful sound and engaging characters.


is a curious, intelligent and playful four-and-half-year-old. With his friends, he explores the beauty of the natural world through the creative magic of art, language, music, and dance. He can fly and sometimes takes his friends with him on adventures to other parts of the world.

Evi Elephant

is a wise old matriarch and musician who lives in an empty warehouse, where she and her friends play music and dance. She demonstrates what she knows about music rudiments, rhythm and counting while directing her band.

Matisse Mandrill

age 19 is a dedicated artist who teaches his friends the basics of design. He can draw anything Joshua and his friends can name. When he does, his magic canvas comes to life and shows them more about the subject drawn. Matisse lives above Mings Grocery where he has an entire floor to use as his painting studio and all the bananas he wants downstairs.

Noama Python

age 13 is a linguist who loves to teach her friends new words in other languages.
She is very interested in sounds, languages and books and lives in a big tree outside the library, where she uses her skills as a bookworm to find information to share with her friends.

The Twins, Emmet & Esme

are inquisitive 6-year-olds who meet Joshua every day for adventures in discovery. The Twins love numbers and carry the Number Pets around in their shoulder bags. They love to learn from their older friends along with Joshua.

They may encounter the Alphabrats, vowels who escape from the school knowing that no words be can made without them.

Joshua and friends discover the interconnectivity of the world everywhere,
through Matisse and his magic canvas,
Evi and her music,
Noama and her mastery of languages,
and the curiosity of the Twins about the natural world.
Every day is a day of discovery, every event a source of learning.
Joshua and friends are open to whatever adventure the day may bring,
ready to fly anywhere to explore for themselves.
Joshua Giraffe will stimulate curiosity and inspire openness to new ideas,
as he and his friends discover the world.
Young viewers will be dancing along with Joshua and friends,
and learning to see the world around them with new eyes,
and hear it with new ears.

Joshua Giraffe will feature a unique blend of traditional cell animation,
CGI stop-frame and cut-out animation,
created by veteran animator Sean Newton.
Live dancers will be integrated through the magic of rotoscoping and CGI,
creating seamless transformations between live-action and animation.
The series will feature music and soundscapes by co-creator and composer Patrick Godfrey,
well-known for his animation scores.
The language and art components will be designed by co-creator,
artist and educator, Gail Bradshaw, MEd.

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